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Appointment procedure at the University of Vienna

University professors are appointed according to an appointment procedure (section 98 of the Universities Act 2002).


Stages of professorial appointments

1. Subject dedication

Dedicating a professorship entails defining a professor’s subject area. This is agreed between the Rectorate and the faculty/centre where the professorship is based in administrative terms. Once the particular professorship has been dedicated in the Development Plan, it can be advertised and an appointment can be made.


2. Advertisements

All professorships are advertised on the website of the service unit Human Resources and Gender Equality. If the professorship is permanent or for a fixed term of more than two years, it is also advertised in national and international print media and in "EURAXESS".


3. Application 

Detailed information and the application requirements for specific professorships, as well as contact details can be found in the relevant advertisements.


4. Assessment

If the professorship is permanent or for a term that is longer than five years, an appointment committee will be set up by the Senate of the University of Vienna. The Senate commissions a minimum of two reviewers (at least one external) to determine the academic and pedagogic suitability of the candidates for appointment. The Rectorate can also appoint a reviewer to the committee.

If the professorship is for a term of up to five years, no appointment committee is set up. Rather, the relevant faculty/centre submits a recommendation to the Rector.


5. Hearing

The appointment committee invites the candidates to presentations (hearings). So the candidates have the opportunity to present themselves and their research topics, and to find out more about the University of Vienna.


6. Recommendation 

The appointment committee issues a recommendation on the basis of the assessments received and the evaluation of the hearings. This recommendation is submitted to the Rector of the University of Vienna, who issues the invitation to the appointment negotiations. If the professorship is for a term of up to five years, the relevant faculty/centre submits a recommendation to the Rector.


7. Negotiations 

The professorship candidate is invited to appointment negotiations with the Rector of the University of Vienna.


8. Commencing work



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